Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band

Sun 6th June 2021

Dr Butler's Medicine Band will play at various locations around Rochdale Town Centre on Sunday 6th June from 12pm - 3pm.

You won't be able to miss them!

Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band

Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band are a travelling troupe of musicological minstrels, peddling their unique good-time tonic to all four corners of the land. Made from a secret combination of folk herbs and blues spices. A sprinkle of ragtime, a dash of swing, a blend of spiritual and gospel essences, a pinch of the oldest of old-time melodies, a slither of bluegrass and a teaspoon of Vaudevillian and Music Hall showoffery; all whisked together with the most esoteric of folk rhythms.

Music for foot stomping and toe tickling that joins hearts with flesh whilst invigorating the thinking mind.

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